1 Pound Bag of Assorted Multi-Color Water Gel Beads (Makes 12 Gallons)

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The brilliance of the beads makes them ideal for flower, plant and candle arrangements.

With these vibrant water beads, you can add beautiful decorations for just about any event. Have everyone admire such unique elegant vase fillers as they are the most common decoration idea used. But these pearls are not only for home decor or wedding centerpieces, they are the most useful relaxation gifts as well. For someone in need of relaxating, these water pearls and clear water beads are the best addition to any relaxation kit. These sensory balls are perfect to throw into a foot massager to help refill your favorite feet massager. A premium foot spa and spa massage for less! These water pearls are so fitting for calming and stress reduction, we would categorize these water beads as massage therapist gifts and massage therapy tools. 

These non toxic water beads are the solution! Use them as floracraft water beads, as plant water beads, and in home décor.

These assorted color water beads not only look nice, but they reduce the amount of water a plant needs to stay nourished! Perfect for relaxation as a stress ball toy. Also for refilling your favorite foot massager and using as bath beads! Not only good for your hands, although these pearls do make excellent sensory toys for those with sensory processing disorder. PLEASE NOTE: Glass and vase are not included, water beads only. Use these clear water beads as a vase filler and make them the table centerpiece for weddings.

As the magic water beads become the calming sensory toys you need, the bright cool colors will catch the eye.

You will recieve a bag of miniature beads per order. In order to grow into pearls, simply add water and let water beads sit until they are round smooth elegant pearls. Vase filler clear water beads are made of non-toxic super absorbent cross-linked polymer. Just grab a handful of water beads and instantly helps with relaxation and stress reduction. If you are really in need of a stress ball, these water beads and water pearls will feel like massage therapy supplies.

Beads also make a great toy for anyone to play around with.


  • Whether it is for your home living room or a wedding centerpiece, these clear water pearls look great anywhere you put them.
  • Beads also make a great sensory toy as sensory balls for those with sensory processing disorder.



  • Once the water beads are fully grown, these pearls last up to 4 months with continuous watering.
  • Water pearls can also be shrunk back down and grown again at any time.



  • Every order includes a 1 Pound (16 ounce) bag of tiny soil beads.
  • Simply submerge them in water and after a couple of hours, you will have unique elegant vase fillers in the form of large colorful water pearls.

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